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CEM Course

Contrast Enhanced Mammography is an exciting technique which has been in use for around a decade. It is now being implemented in many centers across Australia. It shares many features in common with Breast MRI including excellent cancer detection & a similar reporting lexicon.

  1. It is packaged in a very familiar landscape– a mammogram.   However, there is a very definite learning curve and many pitfalls along the way, including the lack of contrast directed biopsy for contrast-only lesions.

  2. This course, like our MRI course, will provide registrants with a set of contrast enhanced mammograms on their own workstation. There will be faculty demonstration of many of the cases to highlight tips, tricks and pitfalls including MRI, US and biopsy where relevant. The course structure is designed to create an environment for learning by immersion, sharing knowledge and making contact with other breast specialised radiologists.

  3. Learning objectives 1.  Understand technical aspects of CEM performance 2.  Understand the range of normal appearances including background parenchymal enhancement 3.  Recognise benign findings and common artefacts 4.  Recognise abnormal/suspicious contrast enhancement 5.  Gain an appreciation of the positive and negative predictive value 6.  Understand options for biopsy/management of contrast only lesions


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