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Breast MRI Course


Breast MRI Course

Since 2010 the Breast MRI Intensive Training Course has been providing the best state-of-the-art intensive training for radiologists who are utilising Breast MRI.

The course is unique in the Asia-Pacific region as we limit the number of attendees so that each individual has their own imaging workstation throughout the entire course. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions world-wide the Breast MRI Course was restructured for presentation on line via Zoom.  

The initial 1-day virtual course was so successful that we had to schedule an additional three sessions, as well as a virtual CEM Course.

100 Abbreviated MRI cases with known outcomes on the basis of histopathology or follow-up were displayed in a PACS system in the Cloud and clinical information (a “referral”) available to the registrants to simulate a real world experience. The cases consisted of normal studies including common artefacts and appearances, cancers including false negative cases, benign lesions, and some more complex problem solving contrast based imaging. The cases were selected to illustrate the many ways Abbreviated MRI can be used to improve cancer detection and to streamline workflow. Registrants also had the answers (reports & annotated images) available in PACS with learning points for each. The set was available for review by registrants for 2 weeks following the course. 

The course is structured so that registrants will have a period of time to look at a set of images and make preliminary decisions about the next steps. Faculty will be available to assist registrants during this period utilizing smaller breakout “rooms” via Zoom. A member of the faculty will then formally review the cases for the whole group and present the additional imaging, including US, CEM and Mammography, which were required to establish a diagnosis. This is an immersive instructional course designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Abbreviated MRI and introduce workflows which emerge when it is integrated into daily practice. It is also an opportunity to share experience with colleagues and make new friends – virtually!


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