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Intensive Breast MRI Course

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

2-4 August 2017 Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

In this, the fourth in the series of Breast MRI courses, there are over 100 new cases and we have restructured the case base into blocks of activity which reflect daily MR reporting in Australia. The first block involves staging known cancer and includes the diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds to underpin the process. The second and third blocks are devoted to MR screening and DCIS. Lectures, predominantly delivered by our visiting expert, Professor Elizabeth Morris, are interspersed throughout the weekend, tailored to the course structure.

The Intensive Breast MRI courses have been enhanced over the past six years to build an agenda which addresses the dilemmas of established MR practice whether the individual radiologist is starting out or seeking a refresh. Learning by immersion is a tried and proven methodology.

Each delegate will have their own image review workstation for the course enabling them to review the images at their own pace.

Throughout the course the faculty will be available to work with individual delegates and discuss questions that may arise from the cases.


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